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Olive Parker’s version of Oscar Wilde’s play ‘The Importance of being Earnest’ is a movie which I’m really in two minds about. If you don’t pay a lot of attention to the anachronisms (the clothes seem more Austen than Wilde in colours and fabrics,) the curious in-between scenes which remind more of King Arthur movies, and the confusion now and then, it’s a truly enjoyable movie. My advise would be to watch it like you would watch a feelgood-movie: enjoy it, and then forget it ;)

I would write a plot synopsis but it’s utterly confusing, luckily, Wikipedia has one. So here’s some pictures instead:

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I wish to write something awe-inspiring and insightful, but I’m really tired. Maybe you’re really tired too, and just feel like flipping through pictures. Here are some of my favourite sites with Victorian prints and photographs. And I promise a decent update for sunday ;)

Victorian photographs

the 100 year old photo group on Flickr.

The database of mid-Victorian wood engravings.

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